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The lifestream of Paul Baron.
Awake in Paris, asleep in Tokyo.
Experience, Products, Anime, CrossFit.


Hooked On!


    I’ve fallen in love with Google PhotosLasix Over the Counter

    I’ve been a Pro user of Flickr for 10 years but have not felt compelled to upload anything there for years, despite even the most recent redesign. I never visit it, and most of my friends are either not posting/commenting there anymore or are simply not users... ...


    Hire me! Co-founder and ex-product manager at digital studio AQ & co-founder/board member at Gadago NPO and Tokyo Art Beat. Born in Paris in 1977. Graduated from the London College of Communication. Moved to Tokyo in 2002. Spent 3 years at Honda R&D as an interaction designer then 10 at AQ. Currently living in Paris.

    After-hours, I enjoy playing with my kid, visiting exhibitions, walking on my hands and planning travels. Launched the PetitRocketBuy Lasix app.

    « If you're not happy about the world, change it;
    if you don't want to change it, then close your eyes and ears and live a solitary life,
    and if you don't want that either... » Major Kusanagi, GITS Ghost In The Shell SAC1.1 Stand Alone Complex Series 1 Episode 1